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AIS 2000 Ltd

Our development team designed and implemented a custom case management solution to help AIS stay on top of their investigative workload

AIS 2000 Ltd rely on us to design, implement and manage a variety of bespoke software solutions which power their investigation work for several well known organisations across South Wales and the rest of the UK. With an almost constant feed of new cases, documents, evidence and statements the team at AIS use our custom built software to see a case through from beginning to end.

We built their systems to be easy to use but still packed with all the relevant tools and functionality that each of their staff members need to use in order to quickly and effectively manage thousands of cases. Due to the nature of the software our key focus was ensuring the software was built to be secure and resilient against any external threats. Using a variety of techniques our software actively monitors and restricts user access using a powerful role based permission system granting access only when it's absolutely required.