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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Start a Blog

Let’s make something clear: Generating new content is the best way to get your business noticed online.

When you create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content, you attract an audience which can eventually turn into customers. In the age of Social Media, these clients can share your content which in turn can generate even more leads, some of which will turn into new clients.

See where this is going?

A business blog is a low-cost way to generate traffic to your website, increase your SEO relevancy, grow your online presence and connect with your audience in meaningful ways. Here’s how:

A Blog Helps You Establish Authority

When you’re consistently creating content for a target audience, you establish yourself as a thought leader and authority in their eyes. As you share your expertise, you’ll make a public demonstration of your knowledge which will help people trust you and your sales people. Imagine just how much easier it is to make a sale when customers already trust your expertise and knowledge.

A Blog Can Help You with Your SEO Efforts

Search engines are always watching, and they love original content. A blog allows you not only to create this content but to include very specific keywords in each entry, which will help you boost your SEO relevancy with minimal effort. Not only that. Content that’s shared is content search engines will assign more weight to, which means your website will be rewarded by landing a higher place in the search engine hierarchy.

A Blog Is Easy To Create

While they can certainly be improved through coding, most blogging platforms are straight-to-the-point and very easy to use. It’s usually just a simple case of logging into your account, writing your content and clicking “Publish”. You will of course want to make that content as interesting and engaging as possible so providing you can do that the blog platform can handle just about everything else.

A Blog Can Give Your Insight into Your Audience

Many of the major blogging platforms offer some analytics options to keep an eye on who’s visiting your website which will give you insight on your readers and their preferences. With this information you can learn more about popular topics that resonate with your audience so you can create more content like it and ensure constant visits to your blog and web page.

A Blog Can Humanize Your Brand

Blogs give you the opportunity to present your business in a more human way, giving your likely customers the opportunity to learn about your vision, employees, company’s culture and more, which will make you stand out from the competition.

In short, a blog has the power to connect you with your audience, increase the amount of visits to your web page, separate you from the competition, and give you a boost when it comes to SEO and more. Don’t be afraid of creating a blog for your business. It’s a great opportunity you should not ignore!

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