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We’re a small web design and development company based in the heart of Cardiff. Our dynamic team of experts includes a variety of strengths ranging from backend development through to frontend design and project management.

About The Company

What started out as a personal interest has since grown to become one of Cardiffs leading web development companies providing bespoke design and development solutions to some of the cities’ most well known businesses.

Founded in 2012 off the back of over 10 years commercial experience we’ve gone from a one man band to a powerful team covering multiple technical abilities from software development through to interface design and more.

Where We’re Heading

Our primary goal has always been to design and develop powerful and interesting web software which enables people to work (or play) easier and more efficiently whilst building positive business relationships across Cardiff and the rest of the UK. In order to continue doing this and to constantly improve the positive impact a website or application can have on a business we’re investing a significant amount of resources into developing powerful software to meet the needs of modern businesses of today.

We think of ourselves as being very ambitious people with a drive to succeed. Our aim is to continue to offer affordable solutions to businesses and individuals throughout the UK as we grow to become an even greater and well respected UK software company.

02920 003275

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